This 12 volt battery 20ah is ideal for UPS applications, alarm systems, emergency lighting and fire & security systems. It is a sealed AGM rechargeable lithium battery with a microprocessor controlled BMS (Battery Management System) that monitors key operational parameters during charging and discharging, such as voltages and internal temperatures. This high-performing deep cycle battery features a non-spillable, non-gassing design and can be hooked up 4 in series and as many as needed in parallel. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to lead batteries.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) is a safe, long-life and fast-charging battery chemistry that offers superior performance, power and longevity. Bioenno Power LiFePO4 batteries are the perfect drop-in replacement for your lead VRLA or AGM battery, and they offer twice the energy density of the same size of a lead battery. They are also very durable, and their cases are constructed from non-conductive ABS plastic or styrene, making them resistant to shock, vibration and chemicals.

These maintenance free batteries do not require the addition of water and may be used in any position. They contain no hazardous fumes when charged or decharged, as gases are recombined internally. They are highly resistant to extreme temperatures and will hold their charge longer in colder conditions. The valve regulated, spill-proof design allows trouble-free operation and can be operated in enclosed or indoor environments without leaking or maintenance. The 12 volt battery 20ah has a dependable service life and is suitable for a variety of uses, including electric vehicles, golf carts, motorcycles, personal watercraft, lawn and garden tools, and portable electronics.

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