Owning an extraordinary piece of jewelry is something that many people can only dream of simply because buying something that unique generally is going to cost you a large amount of cash. You pay for the privilege of your necklace, earrings, watch etc being quirky, stunning and unattainable to the masses to guarantee exclusivity and attention. But, I think that I have seen the perfect thing to enable you to own something pretty special, very inexpensively in the shape of an armor ring.

I suspect like me, you are firstly going to say what an earth is an armor ring? And to be honest I cannot blame you because I did just that too. By definition they are rings because you wear it on your finger but, that is where the similarities with your usual conventional finger jewelry pretty much ends.

How so? Also known as a full finger ring which may give you a bit more of an inkling as to what comes next; when you put one of these stunning pieces on, your finger is covered from its base to either just below your second knuckle or just under your fingernail.

Whilst that may sound a bit weird and possibly strange to wear, nothing could be further from the truth as they are fashioned from either pewter or sterling silver both of which are very comfortable against the skin.

They are made in 2 or 3 pieces depending on the style you either choose or prefer and (here comes the clever part) they are jointed in the same places as your own finger and so move easily with your flexing and extending, now that is awesome.

Design wise, with other names including medieval ring and Gothic ring also used to describe them, they conjure up images of days gone by when knights jousted and protected and fought for a maidens honour. They have a distinctly mystic charm and aura about them, the likes of which I have never seen.

The amazing thing has to be that the appeal is very much unisex, with some fantastic craftsmanship and work going into each piece, either delicate and intricate or intricate but rugged. I think that you have to see them to truly appreciate them for what they represent, which are very much individual works of art, I think.

So, when I said that owning an extraordinary piece of jewelry is the thing of dreams, I think that maybe with an armor ring you can have something very special, very easily. I have certainly never owned a ring that has created 1. Such an impact or 2. Such interest, that certainly seems to be the power of the imagery of them and as for sticking to having just one, now that is another matter altogether. beer earrings

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