Basketball is all about shooting the ball towards the hoop. There’s no better sound to hear when shooting than the “swish” when knocking down a shot. The more shots the team can make in a game the more likely the team will win. A team with good shooting stats can be very threatening to the opponents because they need to cover your player tight, even use double team defense, allowing other players to drive and score easy shots. Guarding a player tightly can be very exhausting too for the defenders.

Basketball drills for shooting help players improve on the game’s most important skill – shooting. Shooting the ball to the hoop is the purpose of basketball. However; it is important to get the correct form, timing and follow through with each shot made. Each player has different shooting form from other players but one thing is common for all great shooters, the ball feels good coming out from their hands.

Basketball drills for shooting is all about getting the player to shoot with good form; and to make the ball feel good when it comes out of the player’s hand. The perfect form is ball on finger tips, elbow in, shoot up-and-out towards the basket, and follow through with good backspin on the ball. To be considered a good shooter, the player needs to be able to shoot from all angles of the court – short distance and long distance.

Shooting from a short distance requires a good, solid form. It is the key element in being a good shooter. One of the most commonly used basketball drills for shooting is the form shooting drill. This drill allows player to work on a good, solid shooting form by using a close to the basket range. In this drill, the player stands 3 feet from the backboard and on one side of the basket. Make a shot with the shooting arm, using the perfect form. The player will rebound the ball and shoots again. He will have to take 15 shots from each side of the basket using the right arm on the right side of the basket and using the left arm on the left side of the basket. Once all 15 shots are done, the player needs to move 3 feet further and repeat the drill.

Distance shooting drill is another helpful basketball drill for shooting. To become a better offensive player, one must be able to improve on shooting from a distance. It a good feeling to dunk the ball right in the hoop but it is more exciting to knock down a 3-point shot during a crucial game. Extending the shooting range should be the goal of every player who wants to be known for his shooting skill. Distance shooting drill can be helpful when practiced constantly and correctly. In this drill, the player starts shooting from the distance he is comfortable shooting or at his current shooting range. He needs to deliver certain number of jump shots (e.g. 10 jump shots) from this range. After getting 80% shooting percentage from this range, the player will then move back 1-2 feet then repeat the drill. It is important to keep the perfect form in shooting even in distance shooting. Continue moving back after each series of jump shots with 80% shooting percentile. The player can stop moving back when he can no longer maintain the perfect form while shooting. To be able to shoot effectively from a distance, the player needs extra strength and power from the lower body. Churchill shooting

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