Boiling and chilled filtered water taps allow you to get instant boiling water and filtered drinking water from the same tap, making them an essential addition to modern kitchens. Providing a healthier alternative to bottled water and hot drinks, they are a great way to cut down on plastic waste. Many also come with the option to add a chiller for on-the-spot refreshing chilled water.

The latest models of boiling and chilled filtered water taps are designed to be compact, discreet and look like a normal sink tap, with most featuring a push lever safety lock. They all have a high quality brushed stainless steel finish and are suitable for both traditional and contemporary kitchens. They have the added benefit of being able to be used in commercial kitchens too.

A quick glance at the energy consumption figures for these types of taps will show that they use much less than a kettle and will save you money too. They use only 3-10p a day to keep the water warm and insulated, compared to the cost of a kettle that needs boiling every time you use it (and often being left on unnecessarily or forgotten about, resulting in re-boiling).

The most expensive of these taps (such as Quooker) will dispense true 100degC boiling water, but the majority of these will produce lower temperatures. This makes them more affordable and ideal for tea and cooking, but if you are looking for the best boiling water tap then we suggest purchasing one of the models that can dispense true boiling water.

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