When we think of shredding machines, we may envision the massive industrial units that seem to eat engine blocks and spit out fine metal chips. These are powerful pieces of equipment, but they can also be used for shredding small, softer materials like plastic. This type of plastic shredder machine is commonly found in manufacturing units, recycling plants, and other facilities that handle large volumes of waste material. It converts shredded scrap into raw material for producing plastic products, reduces the volume of waste, and saves on the cost of waste disposal.

Choosing the right plastic shredder machine depends on your specific needs. You will need to consider the type of material you are shredding, the volume of waste that you generate each day, and where you plan to use your machine (indoors or outdoors?). A commercial plastic shredder will vary in size and power, depending on the quantity of material you are processing.

The shredding process takes a certain amount of force to work properly, and that’s why it is important to choose a quality machine. The best models are made from sturdy materials and have a well-engineered cutting system. You’ll also want to choose a unit that is easy to maintain and can operate for long periods of time.

Shearing is the action of cutting materials with sharp, high-tolerance blades that crisscross one another. This is accomplished by a series of teeth or jaws that are tightly packed together and can cut through a wide variety of materials. Shearing technology is advanced and often based on annealed alloys that maintain sharp edges even after prolonged usage.

Cutting involves the physical breaking of materials with high-torque gears and shear stress. These machines are often designed to operate at very high speeds, and they are often found in large applications that need to quickly reduce waste material into manageable sizes. Some examples of this type of machinery include paper and plastic chippers, rotary cutters, and guillotine-style shredders.

Plastic shredding machines are used to recover waste material that is generated during different industrial processes such as molding, casting, and trimming. This material is then reprocessed into new raw materials and used in production. This method of waste management can help businesses to save on raw materials, reduce long delivery times, and avoid the high cost of waste disposal in external recycling plants.

Using a plastic shredder can be an effective way to protect confidential information from unintended parties. It is especially important to keep sensitive data out of the hands of unauthorized personnel, and shredding is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. Shredding documents and other media will also reduce the volume of waste produced by a business, which can save on costs when waste removal is charged by the volume.

While some companies are tempted to put non-wood items like plastic into wood chippers, this is not advisable because it can cause injuries or damage the machine. Moreover, it is difficult to get the proper results from this type of machine, so you should choose a specialized plastic shredder that is specifically designed for this task.

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