There’s a certain pleasure in pulling on a new pair of underpants. The firmness of the fabric as it lays taught over your skin and the gentle thwack of the waistband – and all that’s before you even start to get dressed! Yet, for many men, choosing the right underwear can be a tricky task. The wrong shape can lead to painful chafing and jock itch, and the wrong material could end up feeling uncomfortable.

The majority of men’s underwear is made from cotton today, and the most comfortable cotton underwear should be 100% cotton (however it is legal for brands to state a higher percentage, such as 97% or 90%, but this will still feel much softer than 100% cotton). Cotton can be spun in several ways to create different textures, but long staple cotton provides a softer, smoother, more luxurious feel against the body.

During the middle ages, men in Europe began to wear long undershirts that reached down to the groin and were tucked into their trousers. In the early 1900s, Jockey introduced the brief style of underwear for men. This undergarment was a significant innovation, as it allowed men to go to the toilet without having to remove their pants completely.

In addition to cotton, men’s underwear can also be made from silk or microfiber. The latter is usually man-made, and is thinner than silk – making it very soft against the skin. It is also incredibly fast-drying, and often has wicking properties built into the fabric to help keep the skin dry. men’s bamboo underwear

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