Temperature is one of the key factors that affect the taste of coffee. Because it is hot, people drink it by sipping slowly so as not to burn their tongue.

People also take their time drinking coffee to savor its flavor. Nobody wants to rush through their coffee latte. However, as coffee cools down, its flavor also deteriorates.

It becomes cold coffee and is no longer tasty. In order to maintain their maximum flavor, it should be kept insulated for as long as possible.

This is the reason why the thermal coffee cup with lid is so abundant in the market, so you can keep your coffee hot and fresh for a longer period of time.

The thermal coffee mug is specially designed to keep your beverage insulated for a longer period compared to your ordinary ceramic mug.

Ideally, the best kind of mug to keep coffee insulated is the vacuum mug made of stainless steel which can keep your beverage at its optimum temperature for 4 to 8 hours.

These mugs may come with a stainless steel lid or a plastic lid to retain the heat and to prevent the coffee from spilling out.

Another type of thermal mug that is also popular is the plastic coffee mugs or tumblers.

These items are made of double-walled, durable plastic in order to keep the temperature from cooling too quickly.

Though not as good, the plastic mug or tumbler is still a very effective way of keeping coffee hot. They usually come with plastic lids to keep it from spilling and to retain the temperature.

The ceramic mug with lid is a rare kind of coffee mug. These are not as popular as the stainless steel thermal mugs or the double-walled plastic tumblers because of their fragility.

They are not ideal to be taken out for traveling because they break easily. The major advantage it has over the stainless steel and plastic counterpart is that it is microwavable.

They do not come with a ceramic lid; instead, they come with silicone covers that can be stretched over the lip of the mug.

Still, one of the simplest and most effective ways of keeping coffee insulated is by using a coffee cup with lid.

Having the lid over any kind of cup is vital in retaining the heat of the your beverage. An open cup lets out the heat faster and air also comes in contact with the coffee while the cup with lid is a simple and inexpensive solution to these problems.

Though not as effective as the thermal mug, the simple coffee cup with lid is still better than your ordinary ceramic mug and will keep coffee hot for 10 to 15 minutes more than the ordinary ceramic mug. iced coffee holder

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