Conservatory roof panels can be made from a variety of materials. They can be clear or tinted to dull a room’s light output, they can withstand extreme temperatures, and they are relatively inexpensive for larger structures like conservatories.

Thermoplastic roofing – Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is an extremely durable thermoplastic material that is very lightweight, shatterproof, and capable of withstanding very hot or cold temperatures. It’s also very simple to install and comes in a number of different colors and variants.

It is often used for industrial warehouses and other large spaces, but it can be a great option for a conservatory as well. It can withstand heat and sunlight, and is relatively easy to clean.

Insulating your conservatory with polycarbonate is a great way to keep your conservatory or summer room cool during the warm months. You can buy pre-insulated polycarbonate roof panels or you can add insulation yourself to your existing polycarbonate roof.

Using clear polycarbonate on the roof of your conservatory can help to prevent heat loss, but it may not be as effective as other types of insulated roof panels. You can also consider adding reflective insulation to your polycarbonate roof, which reflects the sun’s heat back out of your room, making it even more comfortable for you during the warm months.

The best insulated conservatory roofs use multiwall polycarbonate sheets that are available in thicknesses from 4mm up to 35mm and in a range of different tints and color options. This is a great option for conservatory roofs that are used year-round, as it can reflect up to 80% of solar energy and keep the interior of your conservatory cooler in summer.

This type of insulated polycarbonate roof is also incredibly cheap, making it an excellent choice for conservatories and other rooms that are very small or lack the necessary budget to install traditional glass panels. The light weight of this material also means that it is very easy to move around, even if you’re installing the polycarbonate yourself.

Sound reducing glazing bars for a quieter conservatory

Many people find that their conservatories become very noisy due to heavy rain and hail hitting the roof. Fortunately, we have developed a patented solution that reduces the resonant frequencies and volume of this noise by up to 90%!

Our sound reducing glazing bars are very easy to fit onto your conservatory roof and can in most cases be completed within a day. All you need is a set of steps for access to the roof, a sharp knife for trimming and a screw driver or rubber mallet to remove and replace the existing glazing bar.

We can also supply you with glazing bar covers to protect your conservatory and ensure that it is still insulated. This allows you to fit the insulated polycarbonate sheets without worrying about damaging your conservatory or your home.

Customized accessories and trims can be added to your conservatory, ensuring that your structure matches the aesthetic of your property and enhancing its overall appeal. Depending on your design, you can incorporate a variety of windows and doors, ridge vents, eave sashes, and decorative elements.

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