For those who love to rock the sockless look (or for those of us who just need a little extra help keeping their socks up), a good pair of custom non-slip socks is essential. The best no show socks will hug your feet perfectly, feel lightweight and airy, offer a variety of colors and styles, be available in multiple sizes and provide you with a good amount of traction on slippery floors.

We’ve tested and reviewed several no show socks from top brands including Sheec, Feetures, Zederna, and Cooper & Jin. Our favorite non-slip socks for men feature Sheec’s extra thin hybrid solid/crosshatch grip. They’re available in a wide range of color options and are the perfect socks to wear with both casual sneakers and leather-lined dress shoes.

They also come in a ‘No Show’ option that’s super lightweight and breathable. They’re a great choice for the summer or any time you want to keep your feet cool and dry.

Sheec’s no show socks are made from a premium blend of cotton/spandex/nylon/elastic. They’re available in a standard 40g thickness without added cushioning, and in 50g or 70g weight with some added cushioning for comfort. They’re also available in a regular or wavy 3 band silicone gripper and feature compression ribbing at the arch and leg, a reinforced toe and heel.

These no show socks are ultra light and rival Falke in terms of fabric weight. They have a unique 3 band silicone gripper on the bottom and come in all sorts of striped patterns for a fun touch. These socks are a bit more pricey than other no show socks, but they do deliver on their promise of providing no-show socks that are comfortable and durable.

During testing for this article, we used a ramp that was tilted at various angles and asked participants to stand on the ramp in their socks and attempt to remain upright. The test was repeated until slippage was observed. This method is considered to be a clinically valid test of socks for their ability to provide traction and prevent falls.

The results of this study are consistent with previous studies using the same methodology. However, it is important to note that the results may not be applicable for clinical use with a patient population who is more likely to experience foot conditions which could impact slip-resistance.

While the results of this study indicate that non-slip socks do provide traction when worn, it is crucial to note that they will still require clinical oversight in order to ensure that they are properly fitted and aligned with the sole of the foot. This is particularly important for patients with cognitive impairment, who may not be able to independently assess whether their socks are aligned correctly. custom non-slip socks

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