Fenbendazole is a medication used to treat parasites and worms (roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and some tapeworms) in animals. It is also being touted as a cancer treatment by Joe Tippens and other people who have posted videos online. There is very little research on whether fenbendazole is safe for humans, but it is typically well tolerated and has not shown any major side effects when administered orally.

Despite the lack of evidence, the claim that fenbendazole cures cancer is still making headlines in 2023. Its popularity is due to the anecdotal account of a man who claims taking this drug and other supplements eliminated his cancer. Unfortunately, this claim is likely to be false.

Full Fact consulted with experts who were able to verify that there is no scientific evidence that fenbendazole cures or treats cancer. Additionally, the FDA told us that fenbendazole hasn’t gone through clinical trials to determine if it is effective or safe for human use.

In the experiments shown in Table I, EMT6 tumors were allowed to grow until they reached a volume of 1000 mm3. The mice were then randomized into groups and received either three daily i.p. injections of fenbendazole, a control diet, or fenbendazole plus 10 Gy of x-rays. The growth curves for unirradiated and irradiated tumors were identical and did not show any significant effect of the drug. In addition, no differences in the numbers of lung metastases were observed on necropsy between groups. fenbendazole cures cancer

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