For those who want to do the next big thing in their lives (a new job, a wedding, or even just move into a different apartment), electional astrology is one of the most useful — and easiest — techniques to learn. This electional approach to choosing a good time for undertaking something new takes into consideration the inherent qualities of each planet and the ways that they express themselves in their positions in an elected chart.

Electional astrology is based on the ancient Hellenistic method of determining auspicious times, which are determined by looking at several different factors including chart sect, traditional rulerships and essential dignities. It is also important to take the natal chart of the person or thing for which you’re choosing an election into account, as this can help to mitigate any challenges that may arise in the chart you’re working with.

In electional astrology, the Moon is considered the most important factor. It is important to look for days in which the Moon makes favorable applying aspects to benefics or neutral planets like Mercury. Also, since the Moon moves so quickly it’s good to try to find an election where she is separating from any hard aspects with malefics.

Of course, no matter what astrological conditions are present in an electional chart, the outcome of an endeavor is ultimately dependent on the individual’s skill, diligence, willpower and stamina. But if you’re using this technique for an important endeavor, it’s worth taking the time to make sure that any elections are as strong and supportive as possible. electional astrology

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