The leather fever seems obvious in high street fashion joints. In this race to clinch, the fashion trail one needs to have a certain type of leather apparel in their fashion armory. A sneak preview at the leather types seeking popularity on runways for both celebrity and common person will make the picture more clear as to what rules the selection of leather. Popular and obvious choices, which come forward are, versatile and timeless lambskin leathers and suede. Leaving indelible print on minds lamb leather has been the most popular leather ruling the choice of designers for crafting la mode fashion delights in leather. Lamb leather can be defined as a skin or leather from a lamb or young sheep. It can also refer to the skin of an adult sheep as the skins are almost identical in appearance after tanning. It is also known as Lambskin or Nappa leather. The softest, thinnest and most supple skin with a buttery texture, lamb leather is finely grained to bring out a complete look. Its unique feature of stretching and then getting back to its original shape makes it the ideal choice for form-fitting leather jackets, leather coats, leather skirts , leather vests, leather pants and chaps and leather tops. Ingrained with a memory and that elasticity lamb leather acts as the right leather to be worked on for those extraordinary finish and classy looks. Besides, lamb leather drapes well, flows, and has good movement – and is comfortable and very form fitting. It can also be termed as a Higher-end leather-wear and simply cannot be avoided if you need to sport that classy trendy and more fashion forward glimpse.

Lamb leather is a thin, soft and supple – close in look and feel to lamb but is not lamb. It offers a smoother finish and finer texture compared to any other leather or even cow hide. It is comparatively lightweight – and has a good movement and draping ability. Beside this thinner leather is often used in leather pants and fashion jackets because it is more easily handled (not stiff) and lambskin normally has fewer blemishes and a more uniform grain than Buffalo or Cowhide making it more attractive for fashion clothing. It is not as tough as Buffalo or Cowhide though and probably will not wear or last as long. However, it can be easily damaged if not cared properly.

Excellent lamb leather apparel can demand a high price tag, even from some foreign manufacturers. Because of its supple nature, it is considered as ‘Luxury Leather’. Women Consumers seem to drive the Lambskin Market more than Male Consumers due to their preference towards softness. Top Grain or genuine lambskin will always be around, especially if you are willing to pay the price, but some Lambskin products may have imminent issues due to the foreign-fixation of the today’s leather markets. Believe it or not, the current lambskin market is falling prey to the wide spread use of Pig Napa Leather. So, simply keep your eyes open, select the genuine top grain lamb leather, and don’t hesitate to pay a big buck for the same, as essentially you need to pay a little more for a lavish, prim and high street fashion. It’s always “high price for high luxury”. You should always shop from a well-known leather store both offline and online and check for the quality of the lamb leather. But, now-a-days it is quite easy to find even genuine lamb leather at competitive pricing as some online stores do offer the best at throw away prices. So go shopping and find the best lamb leather outfit this season- which is versatile, hip and trendy at the same time.. leather gifts

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