In addition to being a self-serve used auto parts yard, Garden Street Iron and Metal also provides a great deal of community service. It generates high revenues and taxes for the city, and its employees are highly paid.

Generations of people in Dunbar, a predominantly black neighborhood, have lived with junkyards. Now they’re fighting to keep one from expanding.
Garden Street Iron & Metal

In December 2021, another Nucor scrap recycling affiliate, Trademark Metals, purchased Garden Street’s Florida locations, including its main yard off Metro Parkway in Fort Myers and its auto shredder and U-Pull-It yards. Weber told Recycling Today that most of the 43 employees at his Florida sites have accepted jobs with RMR, and he expects the company to keep up the quality and customer service he built into his businesses.

He says he fought neighborhood opposition and state regulations while building his business, but he was especially proud of his fully-concreted Florida yard, which received state recognition for not only helping the environment but also for how clean and neat it was.

Garden Street offers competitive prices for ferrous and non-ferrous iron and metal, as well as automobiles. It is a trusted member of the Greater Cincinnati and Fort Myers community, providing essential recycling services in a manner that benefits customers, communities, and the environment. The company has a great reputation and is the most respected junkyard fort myers around.

U-Pull-&-Pay in Fort Myers is a salvage yard that sells used car parts at affordable prices. Its vast inventory of vehicle makes and models is constantly being updated, making it easy for customers to find what they need. It also recycles metals to ensure that no part is wasted.

This company is transforming the junkyard industry by providing affordable used auto parts. Its unique operating system is based on customer service and environmental responsibility, and it has been recognized by federal, state, and local organizations for outstanding corporate citizenship.

Its vast inventory of vehicles and parts makes it one of the most popular destinations for DIY auto enthusiasts and car lovers. Its selection of both foreign and domestic car brands is impressive, allowing customers to save money compared to buying new or reconditioned parts from a dealer or auto parts store.

Previously known as Garden Street U Pull It, this company has been in business for several years. It offers a wide range of parts for most types of vehicles, including engines and transmissions.
Garden Street U-Pull-It

With over 900 cars parked at 2804 Hanson Street, the U-Pull-It yard is a favorite of do-it-yourself automotive enthusiasts. The self-service salvage yard offers a wide variety of used car parts, and customers can save up to half compared with buying reconditioned parts from a dealer or auto part store. In addition to selling scrap metal, Garden Street also pays top dollar for old junk cars.

When Weber first sought to expand the company by opening a U-Pull-It yard, he faced a lot of pushback from community members who worried that the yard would be unsightly and bad for the environment. In order to address their concerns, Weber capped the site with concrete and pumped out arsenic-contaminated water. He then arranged the car stock in aisles to make them easy to navigate for customers. He has a small team that works on turning over vehicle stock and working with customers. Weber says that he’s proud to have been able to overcome the initial hurdles and bring Garden Street into the used car parts business.
About Us

As a manufacturer and distributor of iron & metal, Garden Street Iron & Metal offers products and services to construction professionals, general contractors, homeowners, and do-it-yourselfers. With two locations in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, the company’s inventory includes steel, aluminum, scrap and more. Customers can save up to 75 percent off retail prices by purchasing directly from the company’s warehouses and using its pick-it service.

The scantily populated “cow town” of Fort Myers got its first big shot in the arm in 1885 when Thomas Edison purchased 13 acres of riverfront property just south of “town” and turned it into a winter resort and laboratory. Soon, Edison’s world famous friends were coming in droves to enjoy the Florida sun – notably automaker Henry Ford who would frequent the area for years.

Generations of folks in Dunbar, a predominantly black neighborhood located near the city’s 10 junkyards, have watched these businesses degrade their property values and quality of life. Now, a University of Miami law professor says the issue could bring about a violation of civil rights laws.

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