German is the most widely spoken language in Europe and it’s also an important business language, especially for professionals seeking management training in Germany or in global businesses that have a significant presence in the country. For these reasons, the language is one of the most popular evening classes taken by adults in London.

German studies courses are available at many universities throughout the UK, with a wide range of options for students. These include general language classes, courses for TestDaF preparation – the German language exam required for university studies – and other modules focusing on specific areas of the German culture, such as literature, film and art history.

Evening classes are typically taught by native speakers and offer a free-flowing learning format. Unlike competitors such as Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur, these courses avoid repetition by using a mix of learning material to ensure every lesson is different. The small group size of these classes provides adequate attention from the instructor and the opportunity to speak with other students.

If you aren’t able to attend in-person classes, there are online options. Italki, for example, connects learners with a tutor to have one-on-one sessions via video chat. The cost is comparable to other options but the personalised approach and ability to practice speaking makes it a top choice for German language learners.

Intensive lessons are full-day deep dives into the German language, designed around your goals and challenges. Whether your goal is to travel, work or just communicate more effectively in the language, these intensives will give you strong conversation skills and a new group of friends by the end of the course. German classes London

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