A solid tiled conservatory roof can transform your glass or polycarbonate conservatory into a room that feels like an extension of the house. This is a great idea for those who want to enjoy the space all year round and can also increase the value of your home. Getting a new roof can be an expensive addition to your home but it is something that can be well worth the investment if you use your conservatory as a living area all the time.

There are a number of different types of roof tiles available, some made from real slate and others from synthetic materials that can be made to look very similar to the real thing. These roof tiles are generally much cheaper than the real thing and they can be installed in a far greater range of colours and finishes to either contrast or compliment your existing roof or your main house. It’s also possible to get a roof that has a shingle design which is becoming increasingly popular as it can be used to create a more traditional style of conservatory.

The benefit of a tiled roof is that it will help to keep your conservatory warmer than the standard polycarbonate or glass options. This is because the material insulates better and can help to stop heat from escaping which often happens through the standard roofing materials used on a conservatory.

Our tiles are designed to be as lightweight as possible which means that they can be installed on a modern conservatory without impacting on the overall structural integrity of the building. This is an important consideration because if you are thinking about adding a solid roof to your existing conservatory then it’s vital that the current structure can take the additional weight of the tiled roof.

A new tiled conservatory roof can be fitted quickly and efficiently, usually in just a couple of days. The process involves removing the old roof and replacing it with the new one. The good news is that the installation should not require any alteration to your existing framework and it will be very quick and easy to install.

It is very important that you check with your local planning office before undergoing any work on your conservatory to ensure that you can add the new roof without needing to apply for permission. The rules about what constitutes a conservatory have changed and you can only legally add a solid roof to your structure if it meets certain criteria.

Having a solid roof fitted will mean that your conservatory can be used as a room that is suitable for day to day living all year round and will be suitable for use by children and adults alike. It will also make the room a much more usable space and can give you the extra space you need to create a home gym, music studio or even an office. The increased thermal efficiency will also make your conservatory less reliant on central heating which can help to lower your energy bills too.

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