German is a fascinating language, and knowing it may be beneficial if you plan to travel to Germany or work with German clients or employees. It also helps to better understand the rich culture of a country that’s made significant contributions to music, literature, science, and philosophy.

The best way to learn German is through immersive practice. You’ll need someone to speak with, so consider a class with a group or one-on-one instruction with a private tutor. Varsity Tutors can connect you with instructors that offer both online classes and in-person lessons, so you can choose which type of instruction works best for your learning style.

For those who want to learn German without traveling or finding a native speaker, there are online classes that offer immersion and collaboration with other students at your level. The Michel Thomas Method, for example, uses audio-based lessons to fast-track vocabulary and sentence structure. The lessons start out easy and progress to progressively more challenging exercises to help you retain and apply the concepts you’ve learned.

Another option is Busuu, a free online language app that allows you to collaborate with other learners at your level. You can share tips and tricks, and practice your German with the help of native speakers from around the world. Busuu’s feature that asks you to develop a study plan and then checks in with you to see how you’re doing might be helpful for those who need the occasional nudge. German lessons near me

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