The roof is a key component of any conservatory and as such it can show signs of wear and tear much quicker than the rest of the structure. This is why a replacement conservatory roof can be a great solution for homeowners that want to get the most out of their home improvement investment, allowing them to transform an existing conservatory into a space that they can use all year round, with the added benefit of improving the overall aesthetics of the property.

There are many different options when it comes to replacing an old conservatory roof but the most popular choice is a solid or tiled roof. These are available in a range of colours which can help to achieve the perfect finish and offer a vast amount of styling opportunities.

A solid roof is the ideal way to turn your conservatory into a room that can be used all year round, giving you the space you need for family gatherings, cosy nights in with a good book or as an additional living area. A solid conservatory roof will also add to the overall feel of your home and help it to blend in with your property.

In addition to this, a solid conservatory roof can help to reduce your energy bills by keeping the space warm in the winter and cooler in the summer – meaning you’ll be saving money on your energy costs. This is because a solid conservatory roof has an extra layer of insulation underneath the tiles which prevents heat loss and cold air from entering.

The first step in installing a new roof for your conservatory is to create the structural frame. This is done using GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) which offers a strong and robust solution that is not prone to wood worm, condensation or rust like timber frames. Once the rafters have been installed, the waterproof sheets are then laid on top of these creating the new roof.

There are a number of different sheet options available but polycarbonate is the most common, due to its cost and simplicity to install. Polycarbonate roof sheets are available in clear or grey and allow a good amount of natural light into the room.

A step up from polycarbonate is a glass roof, which offers improved style options and better energy efficiency compared to traditional conservatory roofs. A glass roof is also suitable for installation of solar panels, enabling you to make even greater savings on your energy costs.

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