Whether their primal hues or seemingly modern graphic designs, antique Persian rugs inspire a powerful global following. Rug collectors seek them out to add a sense of timeless elegance to their home interiors and, in some cases, as investments.

Rug value is determined by the quality of its craftsmanship, materials and design, as well as its condition and age. The color, size, and patterns of the rug also determine its value. The rarity of the rug can also increase its value, as can the fact that it is hand-knotted rather than machine-made. Signs of wear or damage can reduce a rug’s value, but expert rug repair can restore a vintage persian rug to its former glory.

One way to discern an antique from a new rug is by examining its pile closely. If the top of the rug looks faded compared to the foundation, it’s likely an older rug. The color of the rug’s dye can also provide clues about its age. Corrosion and wear are two different things, however, so be sure to distinguish between the two when determining an antique.

Antique rugs were traditionally woven with natural dyes extracted from plants and minerals. Using these dyes is not only sustainable and eco-friendly, but it ensures the integrity of the carpet’s weave and color. While a rug’s original color may fade over time, it will never lose its beauty or durability. By keeping an antique Persian rug in its best possible condition, you can enjoy it for years to come.vintage persian rugs

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