Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness that allows people to control their behavior and emotions. It’s an effective tool to break bad habits, reduce stress, and manage pain. It’s also used as a tool to enhance sports performance. Hypnosis can be done by a doctor or a licensed clinician with specialized training in the process. It’s recommended that you tell all of your health care providers about any treatments, including hypnosis san diego, you are using. This will help them understand the whole picture of your health and make sure you receive safe and effective care.

Psychiatrists, clinical social workers, and master’s-prepared mental health nurses are licensed clinicians who may be competent in utilizing hypnotic treatment. However, some individuals are not receptive to this method, so it’s important to talk to your doctor about whether or not it might be beneficial for you.

A hypnotherapist works with your mind and body to decrease self-sabotaging behaviors and encourage feelings of self-mastery and success. They’ll work with your conscious and subconscious minds to harmonize beliefs and release inner conflicts that can show up as fear, anxiety, procrastination, and eating too much or too little.

Ran Anbar, MD, of Center Point Medicine has been using hypnosis and other techniques to help patients overcome psychological roadblocks and take control of their own health. He has used hypnotic techniques to help patients lose weight, stop smoking, control pain and anxiety, and even get more energy. He also teaches hypnotic techniques to his staff, such as nurse practitioners Amy Chambers, Sherrie Jacoby, and Christine Sullivan.

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