Boiling water taps are a kitchen must-have. They eliminate the need to fill and empty kettles, plus, boiled water kills pathogens making it safer for drinking.

These units are plumbed directly into your mains supply and will instantly dispense boiling or near boiling (98°C) water when activated. They also come with ambient, sparkling and chilled options too.

Aesthetically pleasing

Boiling water taps offer a sleek, modern aesthetic that blends seamlessly with kitchen decor. Many models also come in a range of finishes so you can find one that matches or compliments your kitchen colour scheme and design. Quandra’s boiling and chilled water taps are available in chrome, brushed chrome, matte black, gun metal grey and urban brass.

They are a space-saving alternative to traditional kettles, reducing bench clutter and creating a more organised workspace. Additionally, they can use up to 50% less energy than a kettle, making them an environmentally conscious choice. Boiling water taps have insulated tanks, which help to reduce heat loss and energy consumption compared with conventional kettles.

A safety feature of instant boiling water taps is their spring loaded handle which only dispenses boiling water when the lever is activated by the user. This helps to prevent scalding accidents, particularly in households with young children. Many 3-in-1 boiling water taps also include child-lock features, offering an extra layer of security and protection for families.

Many manufacturers of boiling and chilled water taps offer maintenance services to ensure that their systems are running smoothly. These service plans typically include a technician visiting your premises at regular intervals to perform preventative maintenance tasks. This helps to identify and address any issues before they escalate, which guarantees the longevity of your instant hot and cold water tap.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen and impress guests or simply want a faster, more efficient way to make your morning brew, then installing a boiling water tap is definitely worth the investment. These devices, plumbed directly into the mains and requiring some basic plumbing skills to install, provide instant, boiling, or nearly boiling, hot water as frequently as needed.

Boiling water taps can also be more environmentally conscious than traditional kettles, reducing energy and electricity consumption by only dispensing the exact amount of hot water that you need to avoid waste. They are able to do this because they use a small amount of electricity to heat up the first litre or two of water, then rely on thermal efficiency to cool the remainder and dispense it at the desired temperature.

Additionally, they are safer to handle than standard kettles, which can often be difficult to pour and are prone to being dropped or accidentally turned on by children. Equipped with child locks, automatic shut off features and insulated parts, models like the CDA TH102CH 3-in-1 boiling tap prioritise safety to minimise the risk of scalding accidents. Additionally, they don’t need to be plugged in and can be switched off at the wall after use. This helps reduce the chances of leaving it running overnight, which can lead to costly leaks and damage your pipes.


Boiling water taps are a must-have for modern kitchens and they make a huge difference to how quickly you can prepare meals, blanch veggies and brew a cuppa. They also save on energy consumption compared to using a kettle, although the savings will not be noticeable until you start using them regularly. These taps are safe to use and come with a childproof lock system and insulated spout to avoid scalding accidents.

A boiling water tap will heat up in under a minute and will be back to the set temperature within 4 minutes after it’s been switched off. However, it’s important to check that all connections are tight and replace the filter every 6 months. This helps to keep scale deposits at bay and prevents the build-up of contaminants, like lead, in your hot water system.

The main safety issues with a boiling water tap are not bacteria but other dissolved substances that can leach from pipes over time, like lead and other heavy metals. Boiling tap water can help to minimise these contaminants by flushing them out of the pipes, but it will not remove them completely. It is recommended that you get a professional to service your instant boiling water tap regularly, which will include flushing and decontaminating the tank. This will also ensure that the system is working properly.


Boiling water taps don’t just save time when you are making tea or coffee, they also make blanching vegetables, boiling eggs and filling hot water bottles a breeze. They are a must-have for modern family homes and can help reduce household energy usage by cutting down on the number of kettle boils.

A boiling water tap has a small thermally-insulated vacuum tank with a heater which stores boiling hot water on demand. When you push the button on the tap, cool **tap water** flows into the tank and displaces the near-boiling water which is dispensed through the spout. Once you have finished using the tap, the boiling water is reheated ready for use again.

Most boiling water taps offer different functions depending on the model you choose, with some able to dispense filtered hot water as well. They can also be fitted with filters to help remove limescale, bad taste and odours as well as reduce hardness in your home water supply.

Other models only dispense boiling water or have options to switch between hot and cold water, as well as a rinse function for dishes. They have a sleek design and operate with the same motion as a regular mains-fed tap. Some models have child locks to prevent accidental scalding. Some come with temperature control settings to guarantee the perfect cuppa and some even come with built-in water pressure boosters for hard water areas.

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