Choosing the right New Jersey home care agency for your elderly loved one is a crucial decision, not only for them but also for you. It may be difficult to consider placing your parents or relatives into an assisted living facility or nursing home, but you may also decide to hire an agency experienced in home care so that your loved one can stay in his or her home.

Finding the right home care provider should not be taken lightly as it may ultimately entail having someone live in your home. In this case, you want to be sure you have a caregiver who is qualified and professional in delivering assistance to your loved one. You may consider trying to find a care professional yourself, but you may benefit more by going to a full service agency that provides hourly or live in NJ licensed home care aides to you instead.

The benefits of using a full service agency are numerous:


  • Agencies take care of all the business details you may not know much about. For instance, your agency can provide comprehensive background checks on potential caregivers. It will also make sure your caregiver is certified in the area in which your loved one needs care. The agency also handles many of the bureaucratic and managerial tasks you may not have considered, like performance reviews, training, re-licensing, coaching, hiring and firing.
  • A full service agency also handles financial matters in home care such as employment taxes, insurance and licensing issues that come with hiring a home healthcare professional in New Jersey. Handling these time-consuming and complex tasks on your own will add to the stress of caring for an elderly loved one.
  • With an agency, you can also choose whether you want to get someone on an hourly basis or live in, whether you need a home health aide or if you need someone to act more as a companion for your loved one. If your parent or other relative has issues such as dementia or a terminal illness, he or she may benefit by having one specific caregiver at his or her side to fulfill all of their needs.. home care in toronto

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