mediation uk is a dispute resolution process where an impartial third party, the mediator, helps people to communicate with each other in order to help them reach their own solution to a dispute. They ask questions, reframe issues and help the parties to understand each other’s positions, but they do not make decisions, offer legal advice or reveal confidences. Mediation can be used for a wide range of disputes – from workplace disagreements to arguments over inheritance, disputed boundaries between properties and professional negligence claims.

In this issue, barrister Ravi Aswani (St Philips Stone Chambers), lawyer Stefanie Johnston (Keoghs LLP) and mediator Pamela Milgrim discuss how mediation works in practice. They also highlight some of the top-rated mediators in the country, based on their customer ratings and reviews.

Kate Jackson is ‘phenomenally knowledgeable, thinks of everything and pushes both sides on their cases’, according to one client. The ex-magic circle litigator mediates around 50-55 high-value, complex commercial disputes each year. She is ‘calm, empathetic and well-prepared’, and is known for her skills in the banking, insurance and construction sectors as well as in professional negligence mandates. She is also a member of the Court of Appeal Mediator Panel.

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