Microsoft Power BI is a tool that offers powerful business analytics, interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities, wrapped in an interface simple enough for end-users to create their own reports and dashboards. It is part of the Microsoft Power Platform suite of tools and enables organisations to pull together various data sources, use built-in AI features to create visually immersive, interactive dashboards and reports with actionable insights to help everyone make confident business decisions and drive your results

The Microsoft Power BI training course helps you build effective, engaging reports that communicate your data stories. Through a combination of online lectures, hands-on exercises and project work, this training provides you with the foundational knowledge and skills to develop data visualizations in order to effectively report on your organization’s key metrics.

QA’s Microsoft Power BI training empowers your team members to uncover insights hidden in your data. We also offer technical Power BI courses to equip your tech team with the skills they need to set up and administer your organization’s Power BI account.

Get started with Power BI

This self-paced course covers the basics of Microsoft Power BI and is perfect for beginner users who are familiar with Excel. It introduces you to the concepts of data visualization, teaches you how to connect to data using Power BI, and explains how to use the different data models available in Power BI. It also provides you with the knowledge to create and manage your own data models.

Learn to visualize data with Power BI

This self-paced online course is suitable for beginners and intermediate data professionals who are familiar with the basics of importing, aggregating, and organizing their data. It will teach you how to create charts, maps, and gauges in order to understand your data and tell your story better.

Learn the basics of Microsoft Power BI with this free self-paced edX course provided by Davidson College. This online learning plan is designed to give you a complete overview of the platform, and it includes a wide range of resources such as sample dashboards, reports, and desktop files that will help you develop your own visualizations and reports.

Master Power BI with edX

This free edX course will teach you how to use the data analysis and modeling functionality of Power BI to transform your data into powerful reports. It will also teach you how to use DAX and the Power BI Query Editor to create more sophisticated calculations and metrics from your data. It will also teach you how to publish and deploy your reports across your organization for maximum impact.

Master Microsoft Power BI with edX

The official Microsoft Power BI training module includes a number of self-paced learning courses and samples that cover everything from creating your first graph to advanced techniques. The site also includes a documentation center, an online community, and contact support that can help you learn Power BI quickly and efficiently.

Become a Power BI Certified Professional

This is an excellent, comprehensive, and affordable way to start learning how to analyze data with Power BI. It will help you prepare for the MS certification exam and will enable you to solve complex business problems by analyzing your data in a more meaningful way. It will provide you with the skills and knowledge to help your business grow at a rapid pace.

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