Is video sharing THAT relevant nowadays?

For those who are interested in attracting a target market towards their business, they should know that videos and video sharing are the latest online trend lately. By choosing to share concise and informative tips, entrepreneurs can entertain their audience and keep them longer on their websites. At the same time, through video sharing these business owners establish themselves as being authorities within their niche.

There are several tips that can help improve any video sharing campaign and they can also help attract a greater and larger number of visitors.

First of all, it is very important for videos to attract not only real life visitors but also search engines. It is therefore highly important that any article or blog post which includes a video should also include a transcript of that video.

For a better social response, videos can be classified into playlists. These are very useful especially when sharing videos on YouTube. Playlists have the ability to keep people’s interest high – they can convince them to view two, three and even four of your videos if they are interested in the type of information you are sharing. It also makes it possible for people to easily follow your activity and learn more about your business.

Avoid letting your database go stale

The next step in attracting a target market is to create a database which includes customers’ contact details. From this, an entire e-mail marketing campaign can emerge: business owners can create newsletters and send them as e-mails to their database – with the videos they have created and published on their website for example.

There is one thing that needs to be taken into consideration: people are not interested in any kind of information. It is advisable to always divide a database according to people’s preferences and to send them the info that interests them. It is all about sharing relevant content.

On the other side, there is a great drawback of every e-mail marketing campaign: it can cost people a lot of time. Fortunately, technology has now brought us auto-responders: a kind of software which allows the scheduling of e-mails. In other words, people can choose when they want their e-mails to go to their recipients.

Employing the up-selling and down-selling techniques; building customer trust.

Another important issue in online marketing is the issues of up-selling and down-selling. Many business owners know what these terms mean, but they don’t know when they have to enforce them. Usually, clients buy the cheapest product first and then they are introduced to the higher-priced ones. This is up-selling. But while up-selling often works, some clients simply choose to go with the most expensive product from the very beginning.

This is where down-selling enters the scene and it should never be ignored. Down-selling can help a business establish better relationships with its clients and it can build the ‘know-like-trust’ factor and people are more likely to do business with these companies.

Fiona Lewis is one of Australia’s leading online marketing coaches, an expert author and speaker. She worked as a teacher until 2008 when she decided to take a leap of faith and dive into the sea of online marketing. Since then, she has started several online businesses, among which are worthy of being mentioned Mumpreneurs Online, Mentoring Mums Online and Super Savvy Business. youtube favorites

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