Norcold has been one of the main manufacturers of refrigerators for RVs since the seventies. The company is now owned by Thetford and produces fridges that are quiet, durable and affordable.

Norcold’s Polar series includes absorption fridges that run off of propane or 12-volt DC power. They look more like a cooler than residential fridges and work well in car campers, van conversions or small travel trailers.
Quiet operation

One of the biggest benefits of Norcold RV refrigerators is their quiet operation. This feature is especially important in tight RV spaces, such as class A motorhomes and teardrop campers. The fridges are also highly energy-efficient and durable. They use an evaporative cooling process, which cools by circulating refrigerant through metal coils that change it from liquid to gas. Then, the refrigerator absorbs heat from the surrounding air to turn it back into liquid and continue the cycle.

Norcold offers several different models of RV refrigerators, including the Polar DC/12V series with Danfoss BD micro-compressors for maximum energy efficiency. The fridges run off of 12V DC or 120V AC power and automatically switch to propane mode when not connected to shore power. They also include low-voltage battery protection and high-ambient temperature shut-down. Some of the refrigerators in this series also have a night mode that reduces compressor run time and fan speed for additional energy savings.
Plenty of storage space

Norcold refrigerators provide plenty of storage space for food and drinks on the road. Their models come in different sizes to suit the size of your RV or camper. Some refrigerators even have a reversible door. They also have adjustable thermostats and LCD displays. Some models are two-way fridges and can run off either electricity or propane. Others are also known as three-way fridges and can run on DC power from the house batteries or shore power, as well as LP gas. They are highly rated and are ideal for boondocking or situations where you can’t use the RV’s circulating fans.

Unlike a household refrigerator, Norcold refrigerators use a method called “gas absorption.” They do not have a compressor and instead cool themselves using heat. This is why they work well for long trips on the road. They are also much lighter than residential refrigerators. They also have a sleek design that will look good in any camper or RV kitchen.
Easy to maintain

RV refrigerators are highly reliable but, like any appliance, they do require some basic maintenance. Here are a few tips to help keep your fridge running smoothly.

First, make sure the fridge is turned on and plugged in. Then, ensure the breaker box is working and that the fuses aren’t burnt out. Also, make sure nothing is blocking the airflow, like a cobweb or nest. Finally, consider using a fridge fan to speed up circulation and airflow.

Another common problem is that the fridge doesn’t cool properly. This may be because the temperature is set too low, something is blocking the airflow, or it has a dirty evaporator coil.

To avoid this problem, make sure you pack your refrigerator lightly and don’t leave any open containers inside. You should also use a fan to speed up the cooling process and avoid storing hot items in the freezer. Also, ensure the ice maker isn’t clogged with ice.

Norcold fridges are more affordable than many other RV refrigerators, and their durability can help you save even more. The company also offers a range of different sizes, and you can choose one that fits your specific needs.

For example, the side-by-side four-door 1210 series refrigerator is ideal for larger RVs and mobile homes. It has ample storage space and can be powered by either LP gas or 120V AC. It also features a built-in diagnostics system, which helps you save time and money on maintenance.

The company also has smaller portable compressor refrigerators in 2.7, 3.7, and 5.3 cu. ft. capacities, making them perfect for small travel trailers and Class B rigs. These refrigerators can be powered by gas or electricity, and they switch between them automatically depending on which is available. This saves you the hassle of having to manually flip a switch yourself. In addition, these fridges are very quiet and energy-efficient.

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