If you thought super-, mega- and gigayachts were huge, wait till you see what a team at Italian design studio Lazzarini is proposing to build. They’ve created a concept vessel dubbed Pangeos — a turtle-shaped, massive “terayacht” — that would be the largest floating structure ever built. The yacht’s name is a reference to Pangaea, the ancient supercontinent that existed 200 million to 335 million years ago.

Designed to be a moving sea city, the ship’s interior will include hotels, shopping malls, rooftop parks, restaurants and beach clubs. It will also have ports for smaller ships and aircraft to dock and land on board. The main entryway will lead to villas, apartments, tower blocks and rooftop terraces. The wings will contain 19 private villas and 64 apartments on each side. A zone on the upper shell will be reserved for flying vehicles.

The outer layer will be covered in solar panels that will help power the terayacht. The wing sections will be equipped with 9 HTS electric motors that produce 16,800 horsepower each, allowing the ship to cruise at five knots. A large portion of the structure’s body will also be used as an energy storage system that captures energy from waves and solar power.

Pangeos will be able to accommodate as many as 60,000 people in the middle of the sea. Guests will be able to travel between the different sections of the yacht using both sea vessels and aircraft. The yacht will be able to stop at locations across the globe, but there is no set timeline for the ship’s construction or when it will begin operating.

While building a massive ship like this will not be cheap, the company is working on acquiring funding for the project. They’ve launched an NFT crowdfunding initiative as part of a strategy to acquire funds. Backers can pay with cryptocurrency for virtual space on Pangeos within the metaverse if they want to get in on the ground floor.

While it’s still a concept at this point, if the Pangeos yacht was constructed and could operate as a living community, it might prove to be an interesting destination for travelers who want to get away from the crowds and experience some of the world’s most pristine natural areas. It might just be worth trading in that dayboat for. pangeos yacht

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