Every day, we need to cut out the background of several images for our professional purpose. Background removal is considered as the mostly used image enhancement technique that can increase the appealing of your image easily. There are different image extraction techniques but photo clipping is the best of all other techniques that ensures the best possible quality of photo cut out.

Photo clipping is also known as deep etching or clipping path or image clipping. The main aim of clipping path is to cut out the object of an image from the background. It allows the user to apply any other background and advanced editing. While image enhancement is the primary goal the quality of image clipping should be quite professional.

We claim deep etching as the best image extraction technique because of its unique quality of the result. In order to understand its uniqueness, we have to compare deep etching with other background removal techniques like quick selection, magic wand, lasso tool and even masking technique.

With comparison to other techniques like magic wand, quick selection or lasso tool it requires much time to be done. This is certainly a negative aspect of image clipping. However, this negativity can be easily overlooked, if we concentrate on the limitation of other techniques. None of the quick selection techniques or lasso tool or magic wand can cut out the object as sophisticatedly as it does. If you apply magic wand you may cut out the image in a few minutes but what about the quality. It won’t be smooth enough. Some parts of the background will still bleed on the object that will be easily visible when you will place the cut out object on a pure white or black background. The same thing will happen in case of lasso tool or other quick selection tools.

Let’s think of Photoshop image masking. Yes, image masking is quite sophisticated background removal technique. We strongly agree with the statement but it is applicable on more sophisticated images like the images with hair or fur. In case of straight forward image with solid and clear edge image masking won’t benefit you as much as photo clipping.

Yes, photo clipping is a bit time consuming that will cost your money but while you are using the image for serious purpose like selling products on e-commerce website there is no substitute of clipping path service. You will find hundreds of options on Google who are providing professional photo clipping path service. Clipping Mask Asia is the pioneer from Asia of any kind of image editing service. Hope you will get your complete solution at CMA. ecommerce image editing service

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