The portable restroom rental has come a long way since its humble beginning in the mid 20th century. A rich and vibrant history that spurred development and innovation has laid the path for what has expanded to more than 1,400,000 portable restroom units in use worldwide. Here’s the porta potty prospectus on how we’ve come to this point in the portable toilet rental business.

The portable toilet rental was first put to task in shipyards in the 1940’s, which resulted in saved downtime among employees working that needed to use a restroom. One company decided to build a portable toilet facility on a ship that was under construction and the rest was history. Demand led to porta potty rentals abroad, companies quickly came to serve the call and what would soon become a booming industry was brought into the mainstream.

Some early versions of the portable bathroom were built of wood and made to order. A number of companies sprouted up, in the 50’s and 60’s, each calling the invention a different name, including portable toilet, portable restroom rental, porta potty and many more. The idea for the porta john rental spread quickly among entrepreneurs and started a new industry that could serve the need of restroom rentals for:

Construction Sites
Emergency Services
Government Projects
Celebrations & Festivals
Sporting Events
Movie & Production Companies
And any other public location where people need a portable restroom!

Porta potty rentals have transformed, from wooden outhouse style portable toilets to the modern plastic portable toilet. More recent porta potty rental improvements have included

Construction Porta potty rentals with hooks (for working on multi-story projects).
Porta Potties on trailers for highway construction and workers going from site to site
Self-Composting Portable Toilets
Hands-Free Flushing Portable Toilets
Changing Stations
Vanities and mirrors
Lighting run by solar energy
Restroom Advertising
Porta Potty units with built-in sinks, fresh water and energy-efficient self-closing faucets

Restroom Trailers were introduced and changed the entire paradigm of the sanitation business. The standard single serve porta potty rental no longer holds the royal flush. Restroom Trailers feature luxury marbleized interiors, hardwood floors, additional family rooms and built-in TV screens. Restroom trailers are so nice in fact, that in 2011, a Luxury Restroom Trailer that was set up for Barack Obama during the 2009 inauguration was named as one of America’s Best Restrooms by Cintas!

Shower trailers have also been added to the portable restroom rental family and are quickly rising in portable sanitation popularity. Shower trailers come equipped with both Men’s and women’s sides, each with three shower stalls, one toilet and one sink, are energy efficient and provide plenty of continuous hot water. These mobile shower trailers can even be hooked directly to a sewer line for continuous use. Shower trailers are useful in serving on location temporarily or permanently during extended outdoor stays for campgrounds, festivals, emergency situations and many other important applications. LED Screen Rental

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