When working in factories, manufacturing companies and other industrial businesses, spills and accidents are almost always unavoidable. Being ready for such occurrences is the best way to prevent the unnecessary messes and accidents that go along with the spills. But using ordinary rags and cloths to for taking up spills may not be very effective as they are not made to absorb all types of liquids. Rags are best used for absorbing water but not oil, lubricants and other solvents. This is why you will need a more specialized type of absorbing tool to prevent the spread of oil spills and other liquids.

One product line that is sure to help solve these problems for you is the Spilfyter Absorbents. Its material is specially made to absorb all types of liquids effectively; this includes water, oil, coolants, lubricants and other harsh solvents. They also have oil only products that specialize in absorbing oil and other oil-based products only. Their product line includes universal socks, industrial mats and sorbent pads which all have specific jobs to accomplish.

Universal socks are used to prevent the scattering of liquids on the floor, especially if there are leaks on the equipment or machineries being used. Due to its shape and elasticity, it can be placed around equipment with a customized fit. The socks won’t be displaced very easily thus ensuring that it does its job by sticking close to the leak and absorbing and liquids that go out. Industrial mats are placed along high traffic walkways to absorb liquids that may be scattered by wet shoes. Sorbent pads can be placed along shelves to absorb drips and stains, and it can also be used to wipe up excess liquids in case of accidental spills. So keep a clean and safe working environment in your factory by using these absorbent products today. socks manufacturer

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