A rockwell hardness tester for sale is an essential tool for industrial applications such as metal fabrication, manufacturing and inspection. This device measures the stiffness or strength of a material by using a harder tool, usually a steel ball or diamond cone, to make an impression on the surface of the sample. The depth of the indentation is then measured to determine the material hardness.

Hardness testers are available in a variety of styles, from traditional bench-top models that use the Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers methods to portable ultrasonic hardness testers for non-destructive testing on the go. Shop for models that are compatible with your chosen method and scale, so you can get results quickly and easily.

Whether you need a digital Rockwell hardness tester to measure carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals or engineering plastics or a portable ultrasonic hardness tester for testing large parts and thin materials, Penn Tool has the ideal instrument for your application. We carry a full range of dependable analog and digital machines that use standard bench-top methods, as well as high-tech models with advanced features that allow you to customize the measurement process and data output.

We also offer a wide selection of hardness testing accessories to help you optimize your test results, including hardness tester accessories for the Brinell and Vickers tests. Choose from diamond and steel test indenters, abrasion testing kits, load cells, measuring magnifiers and much more. Our extensive inventory of hardness testers is curated from the most trusted brands in the industry.

If you want a durable, reliable model that’s easy to operate and can handle a wide range of materials, consider the Fowler Rockwell hardness tester for sale. This model is designed for both research and industrial applications, so you can get accurate measurements in a variety of environments. This model uses a closed-loop electronic force measuring system to provide precise and consistent results every time.

Our inventory of portable ultrasonic hardness testers are suitable for heat treat facilities, tool rooms, workshops and inspection labs. These digital units can produce a wide range of readings in the most popular regular Rockwell scales and can even convert results to HB, HV, HLD and HK. They feature an automated main test force loading/unloading, programmable dwell times, statistical capabilities and a large LCD display that makes it easy to read results.

For a rugged and portable model that can be used for all your hardness testing needs, consider the new PHT-1900 portable digital Rockwell hardness tester. This state-of-the-art unit offers a clean, crisp display and features such as auto-probe detection, auto direction detector and single or multi-point calibration. It’s capable of testing a wide range of metals and can easily convert to the most popular regular Rockwell scales as well as Brinell, Vickers and Shore hardness.

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