Silver cloth is a fabric material used to prevent tarnish on sterling silver and silverplate items while they are in storage. Its primary function is to absorb sulfur compounds in the atmosphere – principally hydrogen sulfide – that cause the metals to oxidize and tarnish. It is impregnated with microscopic particles of silver or zinc to attract and absorb these sulfur compounds, the Society of American Silversmiths notes. It is also useful in protecting jewelry, flatware and hollowware from scratches during cleaning and transport.

Unlike other tarnish-preventative fabrics, which may need replacement in five or 10 years, Pacific Silvercloth lasts indefinitely. In fact, we frequently hear from customers with zippered bags or flatware rolls sewed from it that have been handed down over generations and still keep their silver absolutely tarnish-free!

This 100% cotton cloth is impregnated with specific silver cleaners that effortlessly remove light tarnish and leave jewelry, silver-plate or sterling silver articles shiny. It can be used on silver that can or cannot be rinsed and is ideal for removing fine tarnish between cleanings, as well as preventing tarnish from building up during storage.

This paper reports on the sonochemical coating of silver sulfide onto various textiles using different concentrations of precursor and sonication time. The results show that higher concentration of silver precursor yielded a thicker coating, whereas shorter sonication times resulted in a lower liberation of silver and a poor surface adhesion. It is suggested that a more rigorous test for the effectiveness of these silver-coated fabrics should be carried out to determine their ability to protect against oxidation.

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