The snus industry has been growing globally for the past few decades. Snus is smokeless tobacco and is used by many people around the world as a healthier alternative to smoking. The product has been shown to reduce smoking-related health problems, such as oral cancers and cardiovascular disease.

In contrast, cigarette smoking is linked to lung cancer and numerous other diseases. Moreover, it is also known that the use of snus leads to reduced tobacco consumption and smoking cessation among former smokers. Therefore, snus is widely considered as an effective tool for tobacco harm reduction, including helping current smokers quit and reduce their nicotine dependence.

SNUS is manufactured with ground tobacco mixed with water, salt and an alkalizing agent (today mostly sodium carbonate). The mixture is then packed into small pouches which are placed under the upper lip where they stay for long periods of time. When the pouches dissolve, they release a small amount of nicotine and a neutralizing agent. The nicotine in snus is not absorbed into the bloodstream and the neutralizing agent eliminates any potential harmful side effects from it. This makes snus safe to be used by people with sensitive teeth and oral mucosa.

The tobacco used for snus is of a high quality, carefully selected and stored. It is cured for up to two years, and the snus is produced under strict quality control. The result is a high quality snus which has a unique tobacco character with a spearmint flavour. Siberia snus is a brand from the Swedish snus company GN Tobacco Sweden AB who also make Odens snus and Gajane snus.

In the 1800s snus became very popular in northern Scandinavia, since it was much cheaper and safer than smoking. It was a practical choice for working men who had to spend long periods of time outdoors, and it also allowed them to enjoy tobacco without having to smell it.

After the French revolution snus lost some of its popularity since it was associated with the aristocracy and nobility, a group that the revolutionaries hated with passion. But snus was still popular among workers in rural areas, and the tobacco industry continued to innovate and produce new types of snus for everyday use.

Snus is very popular among Swedish expats living in Snus thailand, and the demand for it is increasing among foreign tourists as well. This is partly due to the fact that snus does not have the same negative social stigma as smoking cigarettes. Unlike traditional cigarette rolling, which requires a lot of skill and experience to get right, snus is easy to roll, and the pouches are very convenient to use.

The Backpacker Bar is a one-stop shop for snus lovers visiting Patong or Phuket. In addition to a wide range of entertainment options, and cold drinks, this venue now sells genuine Swedish snus from the brand Viking Snus. The bar is located on Bangrak Street in Patong, and visitors can order their favorite brands online or purchase it directly from the venue.

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