While kayaks have been popular for years on lakes and waterfronts, paddle boarding has recently exploded in popularity at an incredible pace. In fact, Google Trends shows that people searching for ‘SUP’ have doubled since 2004!

Inflatable paddle boards are incredibly versatile and easy to transport. They deflate into a small package that can be easily stored in a car trunk or even a suitcase when travelling. This means that a sup rental business can be run from any location with access to water.

This versatility also makes them a good choice for beginners to learn on and for use in activities such as SUP yoga. Kayaks, on the other hand, are a bit more difficult to learn on and require more core strength to stay stable while paddling.

One of the major advantages that paddle boards offer over kayaks is that they give you a much better view of what’s going on around you. You’re able to stand up and move to get a closer look at the water from a SUP, which is why they are so popular for travel tours!

Another advantage that paddle boards offer is a great full-body workout. Balancing on a SUP engages your abs and core muscles, while kayaking tends to neglect those areas. Also, the ability to move on the board to change your position while paddling can work your leg muscles in a way that kayaks can’t. This gives you a more balanced workout and lower risk of injury.

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