For teams that need a real-time communication solution, Slack is the go-to app. It is a powerful tool that is used by more than 65 Fortune 500 companies on a commercial basis.

Employees want to know they’re valued, especially frontline employees. An employee communication app that features a peer-to-peer recognition feature can improve morale and engagement.


Slack is an instant messaging app that works across platforms. It organizes conversations into channels for different purposes and allows for private messages between individual team members. It also integrates with other productivity apps, including Google Drive and Trello.

Slack’s integration with third-party applications is one of its strongest features. These integrations allow users to quickly access information without having to switch between applications or remember where a link they’ve shared ended up.

The Slack app works well with screen readers and offers customizable notifications. For instance, you can assign a specific sound to each channel. You can also use autocompletion when typing usernames or channel names. This feature is available on both the iOS and Mac versions of the Slack app.

Slack also provides a simple way to request time off. This feature is integrated into the app and can be accessed by employees through their dashboards. The app also has an integrated timer that helps employees track their work hours.


Chanty is a team communication tool that’s easy to set up and has an intuitive interface. Its features include chat (with unlimited message history), group and 1 on 1 audio/video calls, and screen sharing. It also allows you to do light project management with its Kanban board view.

File sharing is another great feature of Chanty. It allows you to share files directly within a message and even supports code snippets, which is especially useful for developers. It also comes with a centralized team space where you can store files, conversations, and pinned messages.

The platform also has a number of useful integrations, including Google Drive, Trello, and Asana. Additionally, it allows you to invite external contributors and clients into conversations without giving them full access to your entire channel. You can also use permission settings to customize which messages they can see. This makes the app perfect for sales teams, education professionals, and more.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a Q&A platform popular among programmers, allowing users to find answers to their questions. Each month, millions of visitors use the website to ask questions and share technical knowledge. The site is free to use and has extensive documentation. It is also easy to use, works well with messaging platforms, and allows for collaborative work.

Unlike internal wikis, which can become outdated and difficult to navigate, Stack Overflow is a platform that developers trust. It also has an integration with key developer workflow tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Jira.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a knowledge management tool that makes it easier to share knowledge in the workplace. It eliminates distractions and enables teams to collaborate effectively. It integrates with ChatOps tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams and provides key features for knowledge management including search, centralized document storage, and team learning. It also supports multiple languages and includes a content health feature that notifies subject-matter experts when questions are out of date.


Simpplr is a leading modern intranet, providing an intuitive experience for employees to connect, engage and align the entire workforce. Its forward-looking AI-powered technology delivers a smarter, personalized intranet, with rich communications, content and tools to help employees find clarity, inspiration, and belonging.

Unlike other intranet solutions, which rely on metadata and hard-coding to deliver personalized experiences, Simpplr uses intelligent algorithms to automatically monitor and surface content relevant to each employee based on their role, location and topics/people followed. This self-governing engine prevents an intranet from becoming a digital dump, and helps keep information fresh and relevant to employees.

The platform also includes an integrated calendar, social workspaces and an employee directory. Its native apps for iOS and Android allow users to access content, communicate with coworkers, and collaborate on projects from anywhere. Additionally, it provides a robust knowledge base with how-to themed articles and videos. Customers like Penske, Moderna, AAA, and Snowflake have praised Simpplr for being solution-oriented and easy to manage on an ongoing basis. best employee communication apps

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