I just did a little research on what was Hot for spring and summer, I didn’t find some things I thought I would like wedges and any kind of sunglasses Michael Kors whole collection was snubbed -*insert evil laugh here* I am sorry but fashionistas don’t go hunting or wear clothes that make us look like we do. But here is the list, are you ready? The fashionista Check list:

• Mint green as a skirt or a shirt a bag, this color is it for spring and summer among other pastels I have seen floating around the fashion mags

• Orange is another color that is ruling the runways and shops this season and is so popular it seems like the new black.

• Neon Purses, bold bold bold purses are in every style every brand and every store.

• God has answered my prayers the kitten heel is back, in all sorts of styles lace, multi-colored everywhere.

• Feathers are huge this season as earrings and hair clips you can see them just about anywhere

• Stripes from top to bottom, stripes seem to be the biggest print this season

• The one shoulder dress. In any color this dress makes a statement.

• Black and white paired together in a sea of bright and demure colors black and white really stands out from the crowd. Lace is every where, shoes, tops, dresses, it brings a real womanly touch to any outfit.

• To go in a completely different direction, paisley is huge right now in bold colors in maxi dresses and short dresses alike.

• Higher waist band shorts.

• Gladiator sandals, pair them with your maxi dress or your high waist band shorts they are versatile and come in colors and with heels this season.

• Shoes of all kinds with flowers on them.

• Multiple styles of metallic shoes are every where. A clutch is a must have for this season. Go for a neutral one that goes with anything.

• Huge jewelry in bright colors are the order of the season, in metallic, pearls, colored oversized beads- Go BIG or go home. MK bag on sale

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