Gold is a precious metal that has been a popular investment option for centuries. This metal is a good way to protect oneself against economic crisis and inflation.

In Dubai, the gold price is posted outside every shop for uniformity and transparency. However, customers can bargain with jewellery makers to reduce the making charges.

Supply and Demand

Gold is known as a safe haven during times of economic uncertainty. Its demand for jewelry, investment, and other uses is driven by these factors. The price of gold reflects these market forces.

Local influences also play a role in gold pricing. For example, the infamous gold souks in Dubai attract tourists and residents who want to purchase jewellery featuring the yellow metal. These shoppers are often sensitive to prices and will wait for a time when they can afford to purchase.

Another factor influencing gold pricing is purity. Gold is usually measured in karats, which indicate how much pure gold is in the alloy. For instance, 9K gold is an alloy that contains nine parts of pure gold and 15 parts of other metals. Different markets and retailers use different karats. Purchasing gold with a higher purity ensures that you will receive more value for your money. This is especially important when buying for investment purposes.


Dubai is well-known for its nightlife, shopping malls, glamour, and gold souks. The emirate is one of the biggest gold markets in the world. People invest in this precious metal for its inflation countering abilities and to hedge against geopolitical uncertainty. It is also known for its ability to fight the effects of a global recession. This is why funds and central banks all over the world have started accumulating this precious metal in order to protect their assets from economic crisis.

However, smuggling is a persistent threat to the integrity of the global gold supply chain, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa where malign actors have exploited vulnerabilities for decades. Smuggling can occur in and near mining sites and further downstream in refining centers. The lack of transparency in the gold trade exacerbates these risks. Private sector actors that purchase recycled gold should use enhanced due diligence to ensure that their purchases do not involve smuggled conflict-affected or high-risk gold from the Wagner Group of Russian mercenaries and other Prigozhin-affiliated entities in CAR, Sudan, and elsewhere in Africa.


Dubai is a major global gold trading hub, and its prices are often linked to the price of gold on the world market. Additionally, local market conditions can also affect the price of gold in Dubai. For example, labor and transportation costs can influence the price of gold in Dubai.

The lax regulatory environment in the UAE and its favorable geographic position between Asia and Africa have made it a center for ASGM gold smuggling, money laundering, and trade-based financing of terrorism (TBML). This practice fuels conflict within the supplier countries and undermines the international community’s efforts to combat corruption and criminal activity in the commodity sector.

In addition, a high number of people have been buying gold as an investment, driving the price higher. While this trend is positive for the long term, investors should consider a variety of factors when making their purchases. These factors include assessing their financial needs and goals, the overall market outlook, and economic indicators.

Non-Physical Forms

Gold is considered a traditional investment option that serves as a safe haven for investors. Its demand is at its highest during times of turmoil and uncertainty. It is also a great way to beat inflation and provide a steady return on investment over the long term. However, with the rise of other investments options like ETFS and mutual funds, many investors are moving away from physical gold.

DMCC has taken several initiatives to support the growth of the gold trade in Dubai. These include establishing precious metal assay benchmarks and creating a centralized vault for the storage of gold bars. The initiatives are designed to promote transparency and uniform pricing at all the gold shops in Dubai.

Retail jewellers in Dubai are required to hallmark their products. The hallmarking process ensures that the jewellery is genuine and its purity is verified. Additionally, it is mandatory for them to have a Bareeq certification. The certification is given to those retailers who follow strict guidelines and adhere to the government’s rules and regulations. Gold Price Dubai

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