Diego Armando Maradona imagined this very soccer stunt in the mid 1980s in one of the Argentine Clausura soccer matches at half time.

He consolidates a bunch of shuffling soccer abilities beginning from passed by walking to right foot, then, at that point, passed on knee to right knee, then, at that point, passed on shoulder to right shoulder lastly heading the ball to finish the entire grouping.

Each part benefits for both free-form soccer and in any sort of soccer matches like american futsal


The absolute most significant part that work on your contacts which permits you to apply other soccer abilities and stunts like spilling, foot plant, volley, etc.


Ordinarily used to control in a long ball circumstance and shuffle while moving with the ball.


Less gainful in a soccer match yet exceptionally helpful in free-form soccer. Plant, shuffle or move from one shoulder to another or shoulder to head.


Helpful for both in free-form soccer and in a soccer match. A troublesome expertise to dominate that requires most extreme focus on the focal point of the ball and incredible equilibrium to stay away from the ball from falling.

These abilities might sound straightforward yet further develops your general ball control, coordination and equilibrium which makes you less helpless against lose the ball or ownership during a significant soccer match.

With respect to the people who are keen on free-form soccer. Maradona 7 is a decent beginning stage for novices in the game prior to putting in out the more effort stunts like All over the Planet.

A soccer expertise that merits dominating for the two beginners and experts which as I would see it, the most essential expertise in the realm of soccer.

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