Online English tutoring is a great option for teachers who want to work at home and are looking for flexibility. However, it is important for new tutors to be aware of the pros and cons of working this way.

Tutors can teach students from around the world at any time of day or night, depending on their schedule. However, some companies require that their tutors be in a particular time zone for logistical reasons.

This article lists companies that hire for an hourly rate and provide teachers with a digital classroom, lesson material, and access to a network of students seeking an English tutor. These companies are a good option for beginners who aren’t yet confident enough to market themselves for students.

These companies require a bachelor’s degree but offer higher pay than some other online English teaching jobs. The only drawback is that it takes longer to build up a student base and schedule.

EF Education First teaches English to children and adults worldwide. They have a wide variety of classes from beginners to advanced levels and pay an hourly rate. Tutors must be a native English speaker and have a TEFL certification.

Lingoda and eduChina hire teachers for small online classrooms of up to five students. Both provide all the lesson materials, so there is no need to create your own curriculum.

Gogokid pays teachers $14-25 an hour and is one of the highest paying online English teaching jobs. However, they have paused hiring in 2021 due to new regulations in China that affected foreign teachers. online English tutoring

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