Pilates is a safe and effective method of exercise that is beneficial for people of all ages, fitness levels and varying physical abilities. It builds core strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. It’s also great for pregnancy, postnatal recovery and rehabilitation from injury or illness. The key to pilates wollongong is a qualified instructor and the correct techniques. Pilates can be performed on a mat or using equipment (such as reformers, chairs, barrels and the trapeze) to add resistance.

A professional trained instructor can help you to achieve the maximum benefits from the Pilates Method and provide hands-on corrections when needed. They may incorporate Mindful Movement into classes to promote body awareness, improve posture and build strength without straining the joints of the spine and other extremities.

Classes can be run in small groups of 4 (max) or private sessions. The small group classes can use the reformers, wunda chair and barrel plus a range of smaller apparatus. In addition to the Pilates equipment there are also various exercises on the floor incorporating rollers, magic circle, medicine ball, chii ball and theraband.

There are a variety of casual passes, packs and memberships available to choose from. The best option is the class pack that gives you unlimited access to all studios for a month. You will also get a free introductory class to help you get started at the studio of your choice.

The Wellness Centre has a strong commitment to providing high quality service with experienced and friendly instructors. Their aim is to create a healthy and positive environment for their clients. They believe that Pilates is an essential part of a holistic lifestyle. Their trainers will focus on individual needs & goals to help them reach their full potential.

Their studios are equipped with the latest in Pilates apparatus and training methods. They offer a range of classes from Beginner, intermediate to advanced level. Their classes are fun and challenging with a strong emphasis on form, alignment & core strength. They incorporate small amounts of cardio and stretching for a complete workout.

Their team is made up of Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers and Pilates Instructors who are highly experienced in injury management and rehabilitation and in teaching clients with special needs. They offer a range of classes and packages including Prenatal Pilates, Post Natal Pilates and Clinical Pilates with a Physio. These classes are suitable for pregnant women and those recovering from injuries, and have a focus on strengthening the deep core muscles to improve balance, posture and strength. They can provide pre-screening assessments for new clients to check their suitability for Pilates. These assessments can then be used to design a personalised program.

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