Even if you have never, personally visited the YouTube site before, you will have heard of it from family and friends. So I urge you to pop along to the site as soon as possible, for you are missing out on hours of fun videos and also hours of how to videos. In a nut shell, YouTube is a video sharing website which allows people just like you, to upload and share videos that they have made. And the biggest thing is that YouTube is Free yes that magic word Free.

Another nice thing about YouTube is you can go to the site and view nearly all the videos without having to give out your name and password. But having said that there, are some big benefits of joining up, and again there is no cost to join. Some of the benefits are:

The first is that is is free and easy to join. As per normal you have to give your name, And a screen (user name), The country and Zip code of where you are from. Your date of birth and your sex. And last a password.

Once you have created a free YouTube account and you have comfirmed who you are you can start to enjoy some of the cool things within YouTube. One of these benefits is your ability to rate the videos that you watch, You are also able to leave comments on the videos you have just watched.

Once your account is up you will be able to upload some of your own videos you have made and do not worry you do not need any fancy stuff to do this. Any video camera will do, and now most mobile phones have a video camera, just have fun and do some videos. The only other item you may need is some video editing software.

As I said earlier it is free to join YouTube and it really only take a few minutes of your time and to be honest the few minutes it does take is very well worth your time. And soon you will be laughing and learning from all the great content on YouTube. youtube watch hours

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