A refrigerator is a crucial piece of gear for any camper. Not only does it keep your ice cream cold, but it also provides valuable storage for leftovers, veggies, and other food items that you might need while on the road. If you want to make sure that your fridge is always working properly, it’s important to follow some basic tips.

Make sure your fridge isn’t overcrowded – this will prevent air from circulating and can cause it to be less efficient. Also, remember to defrost it regularly (especially if you have an absorption refrigerator) and don’t leave the door open for long periods of time. A thermometer is a great idea to have in the fridge as it will help you to ensure that food safe temperatures are being maintained.

It’s also important to level your RV when you park – this isn’t just for your own comfort, but it helps the magic gas absorption stuff inside the fridge to work. It can be easy to forget to do this when you’re traveling, but it’s worth the extra effort to avoid problems in the future.

There are several different types of RV fridges. Some only run on propane, while others use an electric compressor to cool things down. If your fridge only runs on propane, you can save some power by turning it off while driving. Some RVs are equipped with a 3-way fridge that can run on both propane and electricity, and you can even use solar power on certain models to further conserve energy. camper refrigerator

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