A custom cake can be a real showstopper at an event, so it makes sense to put in the time and effort to get the order right. But that doesn’t mean that customers should be able to whack you on price or make demands for extras that you don’t normally provide.

To avoid this type of situation, make sure you are clear with your customer from the very beginning about your pricing structure. That way, if they aren’t willing to pay your minimum amount for a custom cake, you can let them know right away and not waste your time.

Another important thing to communicate is how far in advance you require a cake order to be placed. You don’t want to place an order too early, as this may not give you enough time to complete the design and get it ready for your client’s special event. But you also don’t want to leave it too late, as this can be stressful for both you and your customer.

One other important aspect of an online cake ordering form is how it handles delivery and pick up. Will you be delivering the cake, or will your client be picking it up? You will need to establish this in your contract so that you can inform your client about any transportation fees and set up times. It’s also good to remind your clients that you are not responsible for damage to the cake after it leaves your shop, so they should take care of it accordingly.

For example, if the cake is going to be delivered up a mountain and there’s no place to park, it may be best to charge a transportation fee. You can explain the details of this in your contract and make sure it is recorded in their invoice to avoid any potential confusion.

While these tips can help you manage your cake orders, using an automated custom cake ordering system can save you even more time and money. Our cake order form lets your customers easily and securely enter all of the relevant details of their special occasion and then instantly generates a quote and contract for you. To try it out, click the link below and we will send you a sample.

With these tips and a little help from our online cake order system, you can ensure that your custom cakes are always a hit at every special occasion. From birthdays and graduations to weddings and church events, a great bakery can turn an ordinary dessert into something truly memorable. So check out our bakery-made online cake order form and start selling more cakes today! If you have any questions about our bakery software, don’t hesitate to contact us. We love hearing from our customers! cake order

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