With each passing year, there is more and more debate in all circles of society about whether women should have surgical procedures like facelifts or not. It used to be that there were two options here. Women could have a facelift or they could “age gracefully.” No one really wanted to gracefully look older and older, but the thought of allowing someone to cut into their face and lift it all up wasn’t very appealing either.

Luckily, we all have more options today!

Not only are women caught up in the debate over whether to have plastic surgery or not, but more men are considering their options as well. In some circles of society it is perfectly acceptable to have some work done once you are of a certain age, while in other circles it is still something to gossip at the water cooler over.

What are the positions of your friends on this? What is the reaction from people you know at work and in your personal life when it is discovered someone has had a facelift or other substantial plastic surgery performed?

The Third Option

Today, growing old gracefully and having a facelift are not your only options. You can also opt to have non-surgical procedures that deliver virtually the same effects of plastic surgery but without the surgery. These procedures are great alternatives because they do not involve knives, are far less invasive, and don’t have the dangers that you take on when you go in for a facelift.

Two of the most popular non-invasive procedures being used today include Thermage and ulthera transducer These procedures are very affordable in most areas of the country and can be performed on your lunch hour or a day off work. Most people suffer very little irritation or side effects from these procedures, which makes them very appealing to those who can’t take a lot of time off work to recover from a facelift.

So, when someone asks you if you believe in aging naturally or getting plastic surgery, smile at them and say “neither.” You now have a third option that gives you the great results of surgery but without the time commitment and danger.

The Downside

The only real downside to having treatments like Ultherapy or Thermage is that the results are not permanent. You can’t go in for one treatment and expect to look like a million bucks until the day you die. These procedures will stimulate the production of collagen which can help lift and strengthen your skin like it was when you were young, but you will have to go back for follow up procedures to keep those great results showing.

A facelift may be more permanent, but there are way more downsides that come along with a surgical procedure. If you are not in the running for surgery for any of the reasons discussed at the very beginning of this article, it is best to stick with non-invasive options like Thermage and Ultheray. With these options you can get the benefits of plastic surgery without any of the risk.

Isn’t it wonderful to have a third option today? You no longer have to grow old with grace just because you cannot afford surgery or don’t like the risk of going under the knife

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