If you’re struggling to enjoy your conservatory, or if you have a polycarbonate or glass roof that isn’t keeping the heat in during the winter, then it’s time to upgrade to a tiled conservatory roof. These modern roofs are incredibly light and thermally efficient, helping your extra room to be used all year round.

A glass conservatory roof can offer you a huge amount of natural light throughout the day, allowing you to make use of this additional space even on dark or cloudy days. Unlike polycarbonate, glass is a far better insulator, preventing heat loss and making it easier to save money on your energy bills. You can also choose from a range of stylish glass options, including self-cleaning and tinted glazing that protects against UV rays, keeping your furniture looking great for longer.

The Harrington’s had a leaky glass roof installed, but we were able to help them to transform their conservatory with an Evaroof roof that offers great weatherproofing and keeps the rain out. Our Leka roof can be fitted to new and existing conservatories, and it’s designed to cope with the changing weather we often see in Wales.

It’s a lightweight roof that doesn’t compromise on insulation, with internal and external 2mm aluminium panels with dense insulation between them. This gives the roof a U-Value of just 0.29Wm2K, which is incredibly low and helps to reduce energy bills. The roof panels fit over the existing conservatory roof rafter and can be added to both aluminium and PVCu conservatories.

A Leka roof can be easily fitted to your current structure, and it’s available in a wide variety of colours. You can match it to your existing tiles, and you can also add a full pane of glazing for a brighter conservatory.

Our customers are often surprised to learn that they don’t need to apply for planning permission to change their conservatory roof. The rules for permitted development have changed recently, but in general adding a solid roof to a conservatory is treated the same as adding a single-storey extension. However, you should always check with your local authority before making any major changes to your property.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your conservatory, or you have a polycarbonate or glass conservatory that isn’t working as well as it could be, contact us today to discuss your options. We can provide you with a competitive quote and help you to turn your extra space into a home that’s suitable for all seasons. Our tiled conservatory roofs are supplied by Leka Roofing Systems, and we have a team of trusted and accredited installers who can ensure your new conservatory is fully compliant with Building Regulations. We can also help you to make your improvements work with your existing budget, with a choice of finance packages available. To find out more, give us a call or visit our online enquiry form. Our friendly team will be happy to assist you. conservatory roofs south wales

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