Portable Gas Heaters are a type of heater that can be moved around to provide additional heat when needed. wood heaters They work by using liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or propane gas to heat a space. Unlike electric heaters, they are not reliant on electricity, so they can be used in places that do not have access to natural gas or electric heating systems.

There are a number of different types of portable gas heaters available to suit all needs. Some have safety features such as tip-over protection and a feature that turns off the gas if CO2 or carbon monoxide levels are too high.

These features help to reduce the risk of injury and death. They also ensure that the gas is only used when it is safe to do so.

They are also a very cost-effective way to keep warm at home or at work, as they use far less energy than an electric heater and do not produce harmful gases.

One of the main benefits of portable gas heaters is that they can be moved to where you need them without the need for a permanent installation. This means that they are often the best choice if you have a workshop or garage that does not have an electric or natural gas supply.

You can find a wide range of portable gas heaters from leading manufacturers in our catalogue including Ashley, Eskabe and Nu-Way. All these brands are reputable and offer quality products that are ideal for any business.

Whether you are looking for an industrial gas heater, a commercial gas heater or even a gas fireplace we can help. Browse our range of products in the gas heater section or filter your search by brand to find the right product for you.

Bromic Gas Heaters are a great option for outdoor patios and can create warmth over an area up to three times larger than a traditional gas heater. They use infrared burner technology that sends direct heat instead of indirect heat, which means less space is required to get the same amount of warmth.

These heaters are more efficient than traditional mushroom or dome style portable patio heaters. This means that they can be more effective at delivering comfort and warmth over large areas, making them perfect for patios or backyards where there is a lot of traffic and people standing around.

They come in a variety of different models, from the simple and traditional to the highly sophisticated. These are perfect for any business or for personal use and will be sure to be a hit with your guests.

Choosing the best model is important. You should consider your budget and the size of the space you wish to heat before deciding which one to purchase.

You should also choose a gas heater that is appropriate for the type of room it will be placed in and the level of comfort you need. Always read and follow the user manual and safety instructions to ensure you have a safe and comfortable heater.

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