A umzugsvergilch is a sum of money that an employer is prepared to pay an employee

to cover some or all of the costs involved in their relocation. It is common for

companies to offer this type of benefit when relocating an employee, especially if

the move is outside the country.

Often, a relocation package will also include other non-monetary forms of support,

such as finding schools for children or spouse employment, arranging foreign

language classes, and help with buying or selling a home. This is often the case

when relocating employees to countries such as the US, Canada, or Australia.

Relocation packages are commonly offered by large corporations when hiring new

employees. Many companies find that it is in their best interest to offer a relocation

package as part of their employment contract in order to attract top talent and

ensure that the employee can get settled quickly into their new position.

Some of the most common forms of relocation assistance are:

Temporary housing allowance: Most job-related relocations will require a short

amount of time before an employee can find and move into a permanent home in

their new city. As a result, some job relocation packages will include a temporary

housing allowance, covering hotel stays and meals for around 2-3 months. This

should provide enough time to find a suitable apartment or house.

Furniture allowance: This is a less common form of relocation assistance, but it is

worth asking for, especially if you need to purchase new furniture when moving to

your new location. Some relocation packages will reimburse employees for the cost

of new furniture, while others may simply give them a lump sum to spend on this


Air travel costs: Whether it is flying to scout out a new city ahead of the relocation or

to fly for the official move, most employers will be willing to cover some or all of

these costs as a part of a job relocation package. It is important to check the terms

of your specific relocation package to be sure you understand exactly what is and

isn’t covered.

Other expenses covered:

Some relocation packages will also cover the cost of movers or moving van rental

services. This is a useful option for people who are moving to a different state or

country and can be particularly helpful for those who have a lot of heavy items.

Many packages will also cover the cost of storage fees if a transferee needs to keep

their old house for sale or rented out until they can find a new home.

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