Family mediation is a way for separating couples to discuss and resolve their differences in a private, confidential setting. The goal is for the parties to reach a mutually acceptable solution that will work for them and their families.

During the session, participants meet with an impartial mediator who will facilitate discussions between them and explore options to resolve their issues. The mediator encourages discussion and promotes understanding while promoting compromise, flexibility, fairness, and respect. The mediator will also provide helpful information to each party.

The sessions can be held in a private meeting room, in person or online, with the assistance of your lawyers, and with or without your children present. The process is flexible and can usually be completed in one day or two to three hours per session. If additional information needs to be gathered, the participants will schedule another session. All sessions are conducted in confidence and communications during family mediation, other than a signed agreement, are confidential and not admissible in court.

The goal is to develop a settlement that works for the family and avoids court. It is less expensive and less distressing than litigation and more flexible than a court order from a judge. Typically, people who participate in family mediation are more likely to adhere to the agreements they helped create than those that get handed down from a judge. It is important to have a knowledgeable attorney in your corner as you consider family law matters.

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