Anyone who loves a glass of red wine has to be excited to read the latest science on resveratrol. It turns out resveratrol, an antioxidant found in red wine, has tremendous potential health benefits – so that glass of red wine may not only taste good, it may help you feel good for years to come!

A Short History on Resveratrol

Resveratrol is an antioxidant found in certain foods. It turns out grapes are an excellent source of resveratrol and therefore wine is a great way to get some resveratrol into your diet. The health benefits of this tiny antioxidant are still being researched, but the preliminary results look very promising.

Scientist for years have looked for ways to mimic calorie restriction in the body. Study after study have shown that calorie restriction can prolong life, the problem is that people do not want to go on a high calories restriction diet for the rest of their life.

The key to getting the longevity benefits of a calorie restriction diet without restricting your diet is a gene called Sirtuin 1 (or SIRT1). It turns out that calorie restriction triggers the release of SIRT1, so if it was possible to trigger the release of SIRT1 without having to restrict calories, you would have a major longevity breakthrough. You guessed it – resveratrol can trigger the release of SIRT1.

Resveratrol Content in Wine

Research has shown that red wine has a much higher resveratrol content than white wine. Most people therefore believe that red wine is your best wine source of resveratrol – but this is not true. Muscadine Wine is by far the best source of resveratrol.

Muscadine Wine – The Resveratrol King

Muscadine grapes grown in the Southeastern USA and they are packed with resveratrol. In fact, Muscadine grapes can have 6 times the resveratrol of red grapes. Anyone looking to get their resveratrol from wine should strongly consider Muscadine Wine. If you want the health benefits of muscadines, but don’t drink wine, willamette wine tours

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