Power 105.1 is New York’s hip hop station. Featuring the biggest hits from NY’s top hip hop artists plus New York’s breakfast club. Listen live on the go or online.

During last night’s smoke-filled Powerhouse concert at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, the major players in hip-hop turned out to give their all and get love in return. It was a reminder that despite the strange times we live in, hip-hop is still a genre that thrives on community. The show is an annual event sponsored by the legendary Philadelphia radio station WWUSL 98.9 (better known to its huge audience as Power 99 FM) and has been running since 1982.

For 2020 Yonex has tweaked multiple tech on this larger head size Ezone. This frame gets the M40X material in the throat layup for stability and improved flex. It also features Liner Tech grommets that reduce string on frame friction to enhance comfort and feel.

Playtesters found the 105 easy to maneuver at net and felt very powerful on groundstrokes. They also enjoyed the racquet’s ability to end points aggressively by launching volleys that were quick and easy to use. The 105’s light frame made it easy to spin and accelerate the ball.

The biggest drawback for this meter is that it is single sided. It is measured for the left leg and doubled to create the power readout, so if you have a significant pedalling asymmetry it will likely not be accurate. This is unlikely to be a problem for many casual riders who simply want to measure their power but serious cyclists will need something dual sided. That said, this is one of the best value meters on the market and the 4iiii Precision 3.0 is a great place to start training with power. It’s compatible with Shimano 105 cranksets and regularly goes on sale for under $400 – making it an ideal choice for those getting started with power reading or expanding their stable of power-reading bikes on a budget. power 105

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